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  • Life Coach for the abused and the abuser

  • Staff Counselor for Women: Water of Life Church, specializing in counseling abused women

  •  Domestic Violence Advocate


  •  Certified Life Coach

  • Biblical Counselor

  • Sozo Trainer

Judi's Testimony

Jim was my first love, but not my first abusive relationship. He rescued me from my first abuser at age 15 and I was incredibly grateful. For a young teenager who had only experienced abuse with men, I thought he would be different. I was very wrong. Jim was more violent than the first. However, I married him when I was 18 and thought I could change him. This is a common belief for many women. After three years in a violent marriage, I ran for my life –then I found out that I was carrying our son, Jeff.

This was such a joyous day for me, but was also so very sad and heartbreaking. I was afraid, and felt that I needed to let Jim know as soon as possible. I waited roughly two months before I told him. When I shared the news with him, I was in a state of deep grief as I had found out he was seeing another woman. Our exchange was not kind. I was beaten so badly that I was very blessed to be alive and not to have lost our son. That was God, protecting us. Jim had lost all control and I, once again, ran for my life. I divorced him secretly, not sharing with anyone that I was pregnant with our son. I didn't wish for Jeff to be a part of such abuse.

That was in 1969. Jeff was born healthy and raised by me, and being his mother is my favorite role in life. In the years following, Jim and I met many times with several “I’m sorry” phrases passed my way. I had worked much of my hurt and anger out with God, and I had chosen to forgive. My Pastor shared that if I didn't, Jeff, would inherit that hate. I knew I didn't want that. I could never have forgiven Jim if I hadn't been forgiven myself. While I did forgive him, I still hadn’t truly let go of what transpired between us. In 2000 (and after Eagle's Wings had already been formed) Jim called me one afternoon. That particular conversation changed both of our lives, forever. Through God’s grace and Jim’s own personal growth, I finally had closure.

 For the rest of the story, read "Jim's Story.”

 Thanks for journeying with us.

~Judi Noble

Judi Noble was inspired by God to begin the Eagle’s Wings ministry. The ministry was grown from her heart, influenced by her own struggle with abuse and the desire to help others overcome abusive relationships. Judi grew up believing that she had no real value and attempted (like so many of us) to find her value in others. Because of the choices she made as a broken young girl, she found herself in one abusive relationship after another. However, after finding Jesus Christ, she discovered just how valuable she was to HIM. When she received a revelation of His love, it changed the course of her life forever.

Judi's Story  (Survivor)

Judi's Path

  •  Starting Eagle’s Wings Ministries Non-profit 199

  • She is a certified domestic violence advocate.

  • Serving in the inner healing ministry for 25 years.

  •  Logged hundreds of hours in thoroughly training for the complex treatment of DV.

  • Provides DV prevention programs to communities and local churches.

  • Trainer and teacher in the prevention of Domestic Abuse and taught at Hope University, Agrosy and Azusa Pacific University, Public Speaker.

  • Her passion is releasing women into destiny.

  •  Love Does No Harm seminars started in 2001.

  • Started the WOW (Women of Worth) in 2009.

  • Love Does No Harm support group for women.

  • Created Dream Nights to assist women to discover their deepest desires.


Committed to the well-being of your family