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 How We Will Work Together

Welcome to the wonder of coaching! I am honored to be your coach. I believe that each person offers a unique contribution to the world. I will be your advocate while you discover and develop your destiny. We are a team, accomplishing more together that we would alone.

My Clients are Amazing People

My clients are intelligent, alive, kind, successful, searching people whom it is my genuine good fortune to serve. I will enjoy working with you.

 The Role of Coach and Client

The role of coach and client is as peer. I am a trained professional coach not a licensed therapist and will not attempt to provide diagnosis or treatment. I will tell you what I want for you, but our coaching relationship is about your agenda, always. I listen, reflect, ask question, give perspectives, and options. I support you to find and foster your integrity and I believe that you always know what is best for yourself.

I Expect Your Best:

If you are hiring me, I imagine that you are ready to make meaningful changes inside and out.

I Am Here For You:

Our relationship is a top priority for me, I ask that you use me as the resource and friend that I am.


Please share with me your stories, your wins, disappointments, anything you like, as well as your coaching experience. I want to know what works, as well as what does not. I am committed to serving you.

I do not Miss Much

If I hear something in your voice or notice something is amiss, I am likely to ask you about It. Often, it is the small moments that bring about BIG shifts.


I ask clients to stretch themselves, deepen the work done in the sessions by writing, taking some action, resolving relationships or things that feel incomplete. You are free to accept or decline. Negotiate for what is right for you. Please come prepared to create something you want for yourself.       Judi Noble